Not so corny


I was picking some corn from the garden and thought what the heck. (Now poor hubby just gives me a look like, “really, you want to laser that?” lol.) I didn’t expect to really love the results, but the texture is just beautiful. I have more lined up to do now and have to figure out the best way to display them.


I’m so glad you tried that! I’ve got a bag of husks here (picked up from the hobby store) that I’ve been wondering what to do with! Cool! Cool! Cool! :grinning:


They’ll make great fall decorations I think!


Heck, you could use them as gift wrap. How cool would that be? (Or just use them as place cards in the middle of the plate at Thanksgiving dinner.)


i have it on my list to try engraving on paper birch bark. my wife has written on pieces and used it for gift labels.


Oh, I’ll bet that will be sweet! :grinning:


Now that’s a great idea! My brother in-law is the place card king and we all wait to see what cards he comes up with every year. He’ll love this.


Oh man, I have birch bark on my list! Have to find a good source though.


Love it! Custom engraved tamalés anyone?


We just peel it off of our two paper birch trees.


Ha ha.beat me to it…that was my first thought :smile:

Love the dark contrast!


Beautiful! I guess a lot of natural materials will be good candidates for this.


You didn’t use proofgrade corn husks? :wink:


I can neither confirm nor deny my use of non-proofgrade material for this project :stuck_out_tongue:


We grow our own corn and it will be ready to harvest soon I think. The husks are green and quite thick. How do you get white ones that look like onion skin? Is it just a matter of drying them or is it a different type of corn?


Honestly I was bad about watering our little corn patch and some of the ears hard started drying out on the stalks :-). The husks were still slightly pliable though and not brittle yet. I pulled off several and placed a book on them to make them dry flat. The corn was just plain’ol Indian corn.


they’ll eventually tend to white as they dry out.


Not so corny, indeed! If you make some more, you’ll have a festive set of silverware holders for the fall.


You bought husks?! I get them free with every cob I buy…


Chuckle! I used to do that but I started nuking the corn in the husks and it kind of ruins them for drying out. (Makes the corn taste better though…it was a trade-off.) :smile: