Nothing Fancy

I have enjoyed perusing the forums and been inspired by all of the amazing work that people have posted. I am very indebted to all the hints, tips and suggestions found in these threads. Decided to post simple engravings I put on some gifts I made for my nephews and niece. My Quenya and Sindarin are very rusty but good enough for the under 10 crowd. Each sword has an inscription and (as far as I can tell) the name written in the appropriate font. Andruil may actually be Narsil or some other word.

Swords were made with traditional wood shop tools.

Engraving could be a bit darker. I was having trouble getting consistent results on the pine.


Love 'em! :sunglasses::+1:

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Great job! You know, if you masked the pine before engraving you could dab in a little acrylic paint (after sealing) to darken the engraved bits. With some paints you have to seal the engraved part before painting because the paint can follow the grain otherwise, and show up where you didn’t want it.

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Great idea, but the engraving was a last minute idea. Made the files last night and went to my classroom to do the engraving early this morning before my parents went to visit my brother. Maybe next time.

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Looks like great kid fun.
Begs a question though, since no one has traditional garbage cans with the round lids anymore

What are they using for shields, or are they wearing the bruises with pride?


Mine are round. Just not metal. :wink: