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Hi I’m trying to engraving a baby 100% polyester blanket which I seen in the Glowforge community! Well I set up everything correctly and when I press the bottom to start printing the machine work perfectly but isn’t engraving the name I had for engrave! What I’m doing wrong?
Thank you

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I suspect that your blanket is either not in the correct focus range and/or your settings are wrong. Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing?

Have you engraved this file on anything besides this blanket? What is this blanket made of?

Setting : speed 950/ power 9 /450 LPI

check your power setting. Sometimes it defaults to 1, which won’t do anything. Sorry, I just saw your settings.

I got 950/9/450

In their post

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Yes I thought was my file so I engraved a piece a wood and engraved without not problem!

Blanket is 100% polyester which is the same blanket that one of the community folks attached the link

Did you enter a height manually, or auto focus? Have you engraved the file on anything else?

I enter manually

What height did you enter?

What you mean the height :rofl: I only enter the speed, power and LPI

In the operations setting you can enter a height to tell the Glowforge where to focus. Since you didn’t, the Glowforge utilized auto focus.

Can you try engraving the file onto cardstock or a piece of typing paper to see if the file is ok?

Yes I did

OK. The good news is the Glowforge works fine on the piece of wood, so we just need to figure out why it isn’t working on the blanket.

Get the project all set up, and right before clicking print, take a screenshot showing the interface and Glowforge bed and share it here.


Step 1
I’m using a magnetic board underneath of the blanket and ceramic magnets to hold the blanket

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Step 2 settings

I believe you are going to have to get that smoother, and when you use the set focus tool you must make sure the red beam lands on the area of the blanket that you will engrave. With that being said, the blanket should still be showing signs of the engrave.

Is there any chance at all that you have duplicated this name and stacked two files on top of each other?

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