Nothing too Fancy

So… I know it’s been long enough. But it has seemed longer to me then it ever could for anyone else. I promise. But …(drum roll PLEASE) finally. Mine. No one else’s file (even though I do love all of these genious’s files) JUST MINE. FINALLY. Yah know, I don’t get to spend much time with my machine because The air filter was not out yet. But I will be getting it, as soon as the pro shields get returned and I get time to sit down and order it. So eventually my Glowforge will not be all the way at our office. But here it lies. In its own. Just a circle and a name. Lol. But going back to @Jules with laser design basics, I can actually read that and it isn’t a different language. It all makes complete sense. I have also been taking classes on for Inkscape or better known as And just getting down and dirty with scarfing my face with as much knowledge as possible.m, as well as going back to the birth of the glowforge in forums. And just reading and reading and oh my gosh. Till my eyes :eyes: wanted to puke. Printing out forum after forum and reading them any time I have a sec. it’s been hell. But I have enjoyed every inch so far. Even the tears. They were worth every ounce they equaled up to. So… marching forward!! Yay!!!

But I have been working on my little crafting area and it if together somewhat now. Rather than just a machine in a room. And then we had a man down. One out of three atleast. She played until she couldn’t. So I will see y’all later. Couldn’t wait to brag!


Excellent work! You should be proud. That’s a fantastic work space too, I’m jealous. Keep up the hard work, looking forward to seeing more of your creations.


August 4 - soooo frustrated. This machine is not as easy as promised.
September 8 I have designed and produced my very own creation after reading and learning and failing and succeeding.

Thank you for sharing your success. So many of us were just as frustrated and worried as you were and we cheer your progress. Keep posting!


Great progress! Love your setup. You’ll keep learning and making beautiful things.


Fancy! Nice work area! Reading and digesting the forum is an awesome way to learn. You really will have sooooo much fun!

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What a great work area! I predict awesome things will come out of there. And kudos for putting in the effort to learn. I think you’ll find that it really pays off in results.

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Thanks guys. My hubbs put alot of work in and me behind him doing as much as he would let me. lol. He dont waste time. So if there is a job, he will sneak away and get the show on the road. And he mostly made it happen. And then I put it together. If that even makes since. I love it. But I am a happy camper. And thankyou guys so much for rooting me on. It really helped alot. I dont think I would have made it thru without yall. SERIOUSLY!!! And I am oh so proud of my little Fancy:)