Novec glowforge recommended vs crc brand

Is there any difference between the Glowforge recommended Novec spray and this CRC spray besides the fact the crc isn’t recommended by Glowforge? For $8-10 a can the crc would obviously be the better bet if it’s one in the same.
Crc contact cleaner

The Novec cleaner is a special non-flammable degreaser. No idea whether the other one is or not.


I posted the link to the data sheet on the crc spray

It says it’s non-flammable, but it doesn’t go into a whole lot of detail on the chemical composition.

If you want to test it, post the results. (I’m not sure anyone else has tried it, and I don’t use any cleaners on mine…I wipe it off mechanically.)

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Seems like flammability is the main concern and the crc is non flammable so it seems like a good alternative to me

Not according to the MSDS that Nova just posted. It’s flammable and dangerous.

Stick with the recommended cleaner.

Full MSDS for the CRC cleaner is here:

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hard nope for me.

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I have used it on parts (fan and air deflector) that I have removed from the machine (outside and let dry for an hour). I don’t use in on the belts either. I will never use it inside of my GF without first hearing from support that it was ok.

I believe you’re looking at the wrong product I am talking about product number 03070 not 03130. Check out the data sheet on the link I posted and let me know what you think.

Just looking if anyone can point out the differences or knows them if there is any between the two. I’m not sure what else there is beside plastics safe, non flammable that would be important to know :thinking:

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Oh sorry. If you’ve got the correct MSDS, post a link. :smile:

I’m still going to suggest you use the one recommended however, because I’m not a chemical engineer. They have those on staff. They know more than me.

This should be it I do believe

Don’t know. I’m not qualified to tell you. I’d stick with the one they recommend to be on the safe side.

(I’d rather not risk damaging a $6000 machine to save $20. Personal judgement call.) :smile:

Maybe a qualified chemical engineer will wander by and tell you to go for it. Until then…I wouldn’t rely on other people to tell you it’s okay. (You can get a lot of very bad advice on the internet.)

But…one other thing…if you try it on your own, it might void the warranty for any damages incurred, so if you are still under warranty, they might not have to cover repair costs if you damage it while testing this other stuff. Just something else to keep in mind before experimenting.


You make some good points. Thanks for your input hopefully someone else will answer as well that like you said has more of a chemical engineer background.

HARD nope. Flammability aside, you don’t want even a whiff of anything corrosive any where near the internals of the machine or you.

From your link “vapors may decompose to harmful or fatal corrosive gases such as hydrogen fluoride.”


I admit I haven’t looked into the novec spray but would that be the difference between the two then that the novec won’t do that?

I’m just another GF owner, I can’t speak for GF but like @Jules says I’m not risking the expensive machine to save $20. I am confident for my own purposes that their engineers and lawyers have vetted the Novec since they are recommending it.