Novelty Liquor Bottle Holder (emphasis on "Novelty")

I own an Irish Sport Horse and compete on her in the equestrian field of show jumping. Success in that sport relies heavily upon having a good trainer. I have one of the best (in my humble opinion). We train hard, compete aggressively and win pretty often. Best of all, when the competition winds down and the pressure is off, we have a drink or two (or three, or four).

My beverage of choice tends to be Corona beer, but my trainer likes Maker’s Mark whiskey. Trying to find him a holiday gift, I happened across those novelty liquor bottle holders that seem to feature an animal lying on its back holding the bottle to its mouth. I decided to create a very personalized version using a photo of my trainer. I started by modeling the concept in Sketchup to ensure that everything would fit together as planned.

Now, this was not created exclusively on the Glowforge. I needed some sturdy pine and 3/8" dowels to hold the whiskey bottle and that meant firing up my CNC machine to create the majority of the project. Nevertheless, the all-important profile of his face glued to both sides of the head was something I can only make on the laser. Finished it up by painting it with acrylics and top-coating it with polyurethane.

He seemed pretty pleased with the gift. He can be very certain that it’s one-of-a-kind.


I’m sure it is even more fun holding the empty!



Now that IS clever! :smile::+1:


Wow! That is a cool project. Fun!

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I like this :point_up:

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