Now 3 pendant designs

Just a quick picture od three pendants. I am not so sure about the fishbowl one in the center.


Very nice. :grinning:

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Those holes at the top look pretty skinny, have you tried cutting one and breaking it to see how tough they are?

I’ve debating on a design for a pendant right now, I’m curious how tough they’ll end up being.


The lion is the older design, and as you can see the others are larger and a more smooth transition. when the depth of the hole is the full 1/4 to 3/8 thickness of the wood it is much stronger, when the top hs been tapered to say 1/8 across the top then it is more fragile. in those cases where it broke o have sanded the top down and drilled a hole, and those become presents to friends. Any sharp point instead of a curve of course is much weaker than such smooth transitions.

Of course the brittleness of the wood makes a huge difference, with Maple holding up better than Zebrawood (very Brittle) or Walnut (slightly more brittle)


I made some wood pendants (actually out of PG plywood, not hardwood) and I wasn’t comfortable with the security of the wood hole. So I redesigned them to eliminate the hole, and used these glue-on pendant bails instead:

Then I also coated the backsides with two-part epoxy resin to protect the wood. They look pretty nice:

Just something to consider. It would be a shame to lose all that lovely 3D-ish-ness!


there are a number of things i have thought of , and in particular metal bails, and small SS spring like loops such as for key chains, and in every case those would be 90 degrees from the plane of both the chain/ribbon/tong and the work, I did try two holes that a satin string could pass through but while it worked i was not liking it a lot. silver/ gold jump rings are also possible , and in most od those cases the built in holes noted at the full thickness of the wood have been tested a lot by my wearing them and are currently strong enough.


The head on is a bit deceptive as it is usually the full thickness of the wood. I wear them myself a bit to make sure they do well. This is the latest design of the group. :sunglasses:

And in Mahogany!


Very pretty! That wood has such lovely colors!

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