Now that shipping of Production units is imminent - access to the UI

Now that production units will be enroute to end users … can we revisit the topic of access to the Glowforge User Interface? I would think that now would be appropriate to allow your anxiously waiting (and soon to receive) owners the chance to familiarize with the software interface prior to delivery.

@dan and @bailey What do you think?

thanks, Brian

PS. that also goes for the proofgrade store and access to the catalog … of course, with the caveat that they are finished and ready for user access.


Thanks for the suggestion! If we make that available, we’ll be sure to let everyone know.


I honestly don’t think it would be as helpful as you may think. Until you can see the results of your actions, after 10 minutes you’re done with any learnings. This isn’t like learning AI or Inkscape or Corel.


I was under the impression that PRU stood for Pre-Release Units - you may want to rename the title to ‘production units’.


Without a GF attached basically you could upload some files (actually not even sure you can do that since it drops you into the bed camera view as soon as it is rendered). It really takes a few minutes to get familiar (there are only a few options).

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I agree that access to the shop is probably more beneficial than access to the GFUI, but it would be nice to have access soon to the GFUI, too.

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This would be the sole thing you could see without an attached GF unit. (not sure what would happen if you pressed either button since they drop you into the top camera view of your GF)


I am curious, would it allow you to upload a design without a unit attached? I have learned a bit about how limited the interface would be without a unit, which is why I agreed that the shop access would be much more handy.


After getting the PRU notice, I tried exactly that. Nada. Until I received, connected, and activated, my GF the app would not load past the “Let’s get started screen.” Later users may have had a different experience, but that was mine.


probably not, it’s not like we demand this sort of UI access for other products, most of the time. post-shipping all the screenshots in the world will be available, anyway.

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Here is the whole thing, not counting upload which looks like an upload dialog (including massively sped up engraving - it’s about 15 secs of regular speed then 3000% speed up)


Same for me.

See? That is great information to have for all us eager beavers impatiently waiting. With as simple as the interface itself is, seems reasonable.

I always get paranoid about how much burnination (ie around the lettering) has occurred until some weeding happens. I was a bit anxious until you plucked off the first “M A” letters, I must admit. Heh.


yeah, and all while holding my iPhone steady in my other hand no less! When I had to do something similar for support to document an issue, my phone went flying in the middle of the video…


Reach into my pocket and pinch the phone between my index finger and thumb, whip it out and swing it upright in a practiced motion. Flipped that puppy right into the pond. I had to stop laughing to bend over and fish it out.

Edit; ahem, back to topic… here is a glimpse.