Now THIS is how you announce shipping updates!

Your glowforge price would go up quite a bit if you hired them. The oatmeal is basically the wielder of the internet and makes it rain money and crashes payment portals wherever he goes.


Matt’s just a big grump with a heart of gold.

I was once playing Telestrations with Matt. For the unfamiliar, it’s like pictionary + telephone. You write a word, the next person in the loop draws it, the next person in the loop guesses it, the next person draws their guess, etc. I was sitting next to Matt.

Then I realized I could switch to a much more fun game without telling anyone. A game I call “Make The Oatmeal draw literally anything I want.”

“Dan, that was clearly a picture of a hamburger. Why did you guess ‘a goat in love with a dump truck’?”


WOO, Just got my shipping notice. It should be here tomorrow!

:bear: vs :baby:


are…is…which is the bear, the laser or you?

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