Now You Can Download 2,500 Japanese Woodblock Prints from the Library of Congress

I saw this and just thought to myself, I have a laser!

And a direct link.


These are about to receive a huge resurgence into the public.


Somewhere (I tried to look, but my search skills are not good enough) there’s a collection of the images that Google and other scanning folks have pared out of old books before doing the OCR). And of course the museums…


Found it: it is the internet archive, but it’s not at their site. It’s a Flickr feed. And I wish it were organized, but it’s still amazing.


:astonished: This. is. amazing!

I just wish I could download 1 file with all the images. I don’t care if it was 400GB


How is the Glowforge working? You kind of snuck in with one and I’m curious!

I am not worthy. So far, I’ve done just a very few things: ruler, piece of ply with a hole in it for venting, a mini-jigsaw with a pic from the 8-year-old, a round piece with a score line for measuring stepper backlash, and a couple tiny acrylic ovals for the 12-year-old and his best friend. I am trying to get wireless to be faster, because using a tablet was excruciating.

Oh, and the cut thing that I posted about somewhere else (noting that you can’t do accurate speed tests for cutting if you try to cut out really small things, because acceleration and deceleration).

(Although any week is a good week to get a glowforge, this week was not ideal: last day of school for the 8-year-old, first week of Geek Camp for the 12-year-old, helping with first camping trip of the season for spouse and 8-year-old, surprise sleepover for 8-year-old’s best frenemy…)


Super freaking awesome share. Thank you!!

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