Number 5 is alive!

This is amazing! Good to see Number Five getting some love.

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Gonna have to rewatch this now, it’s been a couple decades. It was one of my favorites as a kid.


When I worked at the gold mine, I worked in Reclamation. Part of my job was driving the “positrack” and taking it for routine maintenance. It was a fun little machine, and I was only one of two allowed to use it. It was great, so anytime I see that type of track on anything, especially that movie, it brings back great memories!

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This looks amazing! Please make this available to download.

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First off, this is incredible! The nostalgic fanboy in me is completely blown away by this project. Congratulations on pulling off something really special!

I recently rewatched the movie with my four year old son. It lives up to my memories with the exception of some unfortunate brown face. The image that pops into my head that might make a fun sign for him to hold is the first thing he reads after leaving the corporate compound. It was the old Dr. Pepper ad, “I’m a Pepper.” It would be a good inside joke to see if people can place it from the movie.


Amazing, Certainly a family favorite in our home

My oldest son loved this movie and so do I (mom) I would love to buy one of these for him. He’s now 43 years old but this would be the crowning glory for Christmas!! Do you think you would ever sell the instructions??
Best GlowForge project ever!!! RJK

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OMG :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: one of my favorite movies! Was just telling someone about it like 2 nights ago. Love it!

For anyone that had to rewatch it like me Amazon Prime!

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This is great!!! I actually named my glowforge after number 5. This has to be my all time favorite file! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh wow this is amazing, glad you decided to stick with it!


That is amazing good job

Seeing this has encouraged me to tackle some projects I have been putting off. You did an amazing job. Thanks for sharing.

That is soooo cool!

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