Number Drill Storage

The Glowforge has (as with all new tools) aloowed for the creation of objects that I would never have tackled before.

So there are two layers of drills with storage beneath in one drawer and fractional in the other.

I came across this MonoCraft storage box and repurposed it to the job of storing spare number set drills.

I had previously had them each in a different container; terrible!

I spent the hours to lay out the format and add the text.

Using the Maple 1/8th board from Glowforge for the top and 1/8th Draft board for the bottom of each I nailed them together.

The veneers from GF are pre-finished this is actually super nice. If you were making hundreds of things you would have to try something else.

Having made a couple of things I now understand that the thing you have to figure out before you start cutting is how you are going to attach these vary thin parts.

I’ve been doing prov-out cuts in paper and this is really important!

I always make a change or find a mistake, in this case I checked that all the bits would fit and found a typo.


Excellent #practical-cuts! I need to come up with something like this for all the random drill bits lying around here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now you don’t need to!

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Welcome to the forum!! What a nice find! Love how you turned into something fabulous for your world. You’re going to love using it!


Love this organizing project!

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I just can’t handle all of these great storage ideas lately! I just don’t have enough material to do them all!!!

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Just combine all the ideas into one project and be super organized :grin:

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Oh my gosh. All the beautiful drill storage. My organizational heart just skipped a beat!