Nursery Signs

Every once in a while I like to drop in and show what I been up to. It will always be some type of sign since that is what I do.

I make designs/files for sign makers so everything you see is my own drawings turned into vectors for sign making.

This piece was a piece of work, but so gratifying to put it together.

I handlettered these. The first frame was made by hand, but the second was made on the glowforge.

Drawn on procreate, vectored, then cut with acrylic. The frame was made by hand on my mitersaw and router table.

Hand drawn on procreate, vectored, then brought to life with my Glowforge. This one was challenging with all the pieces but the die cut around the florals made it easy to assemble. I love a challenging sign. It pushes me to be better.

Another hand drawn piece. I just love florals. It’s what I’m known for and it’s my favorite thing to draw.

My beautiful daughter is holding the sign for size reference. This entire piece is custom. The frame, backer, everything. It was the first time I made mitered frames myself. I had always stuck with farmhouse style straight edge frames.but this customer wanted mitered corners. Want miter? Get miter!

This customer wanted a tropical themed sign and already had florals in mind. The image she gave me was of some watercolor florals so I redrew them in my style, added more greenery and wallah. She loved it so much that she is now a repeat customer and I currently have a 320 dollar order for 2 signs for her at the moment. This piece was a treat to make.

Giant comb anyone? I have to say, I’m loving my passthrough slot more than ever these days. Being able to perfectly line up pieces without having to score first is truly a treat. Thank you for that feature GF.

Another floral piece drawn from scratch. So many people have made this sign that it truly makes my heart so happy to know that many little girls from around the world now have this design hanging on their walls.
image|666x500, 75%

I have made many beautiful signs and each time I make one, I become a little bit better. Thank you for checking out my pieces and if you are interested in seeing more of my work or joining a sign making community, head to Facebook and join Glowforge Sign Makers. I’m extremely friendly and love to help fellow sign makers so don’t be shy to send me a dm if you need my help.

Thank you :blush:


Oooh, love the Sunflowers sign! I love sunflowers. :smile:


I have a few beautiful sunflower signs. I love sunflowers too.


Really fine work, thanks for sharing! (Your daughter is adorable) That’s a staggering collection of highly organized paper!


Where are you located? I would love to come visit someday.

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Great selection

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You do some great design work!

Beautiful work.

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Those look fantastic.


I’ve seen some of your work on FB, but it’s lovely.

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Lovely portfolio. Your artwork is very compelling.

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Oh wow - yeah!
Seeing the photo with your daughter and then on the wood boards made me re-view the other ones on that same wood! They are WAY bigger than I first thought.
I do love that you have such a distinct style and can take the client’s idea and redraw it with your flare.
Beautiful work.

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Freaking awesome designs and work, Love it :heart:


That’s a very nice body of work. Some of them remind me of decorated cakes—bet you’d be good at that too!

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RIGHT! I was like wow great work, but man that organization!


Haha, you’d love my craft room. I love craft supplies. Thank you.

Funny, I always wanted to try and make cakes. I’m definitely the all around diyer type so I could see myself making cakes lol. Do you bake?