Nylon webbing

I make a special dog lead called a “slip lead” and I have a big order I need asap. I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t look or even really care whether or not I should stick this nylon and polyester webbing in my laser. (I know, bad, bad me!!) I figured the fumes could not be any worse than me sitting there with a lighter melting the ends on 30 pieces of webbing my hand. :slight_smile:

So now that I actually spent a moment to research it, it looks like nylon and polyester are laser safe. ( Double-check for yourself if you’re going to be cutting any though.)

Anyway, it cut like butter and the ends are cauterized and absolutly gorgeous. I could never achieve this clean cut my hand. So for all you collar makers out there, here ya go.

2" wide polyester and nylon webbing from “Strapworks” store.
150 speed
100 power


Ooooh! Aaaaaaah! :grinning:


Well, that should certainly help crank out the orders. Thanks for the settings.


This is really great to know! Wouldn’t have thought of it! Have used this to make various bags over the years … and would make a nice finish.


Great application! Cut and melted in one swoop. :sunglasses::+1:


Great! And should do fantastic for belt holes as well!


You’re right! Hadn’t thought of that.

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Looking I see I have two small rolls of heavy nylon fabric (like heavy canvas but nylon and army green) I was thinking of many layers of hard foam and cardboard with the nylon providing the stretch resistance like a series of i-beams for a chair or similar.

Does anyone have a good idea for 2" laserable foam and a good idea about a permanent glue that would hold up for the job?