Ø4" Sliding Exhaust Port and AC Mount

I just wanted to share my solution to venting our Glowforge out a window and also installing an AC unit in the same window. Hopefully this will be of some use to other users.

I created a post on Thingiverse to share the 3D printed file and the SolidWorks model:


Very nice solution—thanks for sharing the file.


No condensation build up on the machine?


None that I have noticed. I typically don’t run them at the same time.

I was actually curious if the ac would be pulling the vented stuff right back in, but if you’re not running them at the same time, that answers that:)

EDIT: I guess window ac units are probably just cooling interior air, not sucking in outside air, so my question is null.


Thank you for mentioning this here. I did mention it in the Thingiverse post.
Some AC units have a vent feature, which could potentially pull in laser exhaust.
This particular AC unit does not have that feature, but it is something that should be considered if anyone else wants to use this idea.


Very neat, good to know! I didn’t look at the thingiverse page but applaud you for thinking it through and posting the info for folks!:+1::ok_hand:

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Well done! Very kind of you to share your file.

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