Oak coasters with oak



My latest bit of coaster work. It is beginning to look like coasters are the new ashtray.


ha ha…that cracked me up. Coasters are the new ash tray. These look great!


Very pretty! (Like the stand too.) :grinning:


A coaster closeup…


I think we need a closer coaster closeup, maybe in a closet by the coast?


Those came out really nice! Love the design you have on them.


If you crashed on my couch, I’d be a coaster roaster boaster hoster. :slight_smile:


And here I was working so hard not to add wheels and make them roller coasters, or a Seattle skyline and make them West Coasters or a New York skyline and make them East Coasters or make a negative design to press into cookies and have toaster coasters or cut the shape of a Thanksgiving Turkey and have Roaster Coasters, or a Welcome mat design and have hoster coasters, or perhaps a big “E” and have jokester coasters :grinning:


The closeup did manage to be a design of an oak out of oak and on some oak however.


And a stand too! Nice work. :grinning:




Those are really elegant.


The puns certainly aren’t coasting…