Obligatory First Engrave/First Post


This is my first real test after the gift of good measure and the snap and store box. This forum is the best and I’ve learned so much from all of you folks over the last few weeks! I received my Glowforge yesterday (Katra - for any fellow Trekkies out there) and was so much better prepared to dive right in because of this community. I used the most recommended settings (Speed 800/Full Power/225 LPI) and went to engraving. I also wanted to play with different methods of coloring my etch and for anyone interested, here is what I used:
A) Masking - Don’t recommend it, wouldn’t do it again. While I could probably cover up the grey left behind, I’ve decided to keep it as a reminder.
B) Alcohol inks - cool tie dyed effect, though I’ll admit I’m not the most proficient at using them.
C) Dry erase markers - I don’t think that in all my lurking, I saw anyone suggest them. But it made sense to me and I decided to put it to the test. Super easy clean up! I obviously can’t comment on the longevity of this method, but I would definitely do it again.
D) Nothing. No color at all. I decided to keep it this way as a control sample.
Thank you all for being so willing to share you experiences, settings, and designs. I look forward to being able to contribute to the innovative ideas I see here every day!


Welcome!! I like that you decided to start your sharing with some experimentation and analysis! That’s the sign of a real Maker.
Keep experimenting and keep posting!



Do you mind if I move this over to Beyond the Manual so we don’t have to lose the settings? (Per forum rules, that’s the only part of the forum where we can discuss non-PG settings.)


Oh sure! I guess in my excitement, I didn’t realize that I was committing a faux pas.


No worries, you’re far from the first. :slight_smile:


Welcome! You have embarked on a great adventure, enjoy the ride! :sunglasses:


I see you have the soul of a scientist. Nice job on the experiments! I will have to give dry erase markers a try—I believe I have a set of those. As long as you seal the project, like maybe with an acrylic spray, I would think they would last as long as the spray doesn’t cause them to run.


I have seen Krylon Kamar Varnish recommended with alcohol-based inks, but haven’t tried it.

This may help: https://alcoholink.community/how-to-seal-alcohol-ink-art/


Welcome! You’re off to a great start and testing as well! Enjoy the ride finding out what all you can do!

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Test away! Great work. “C”is quite pretty!

Seconded on C. great color work.

Nice! I will definitely look into that a bit more.

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Time to go buy some dry erase markers, I like the way that turned out. Great first post! Welcome!

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Well done! Anxious to see the next set!

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