Obligatory neurodiversity thread


For anyone who would like to share, what do we have here for non-neurotypicals?

I know we have at least one autistic, and I am moderately dyslexic.

I ask because this is a project that I think will draw more that the usual numbers and I am simply curious.


While I’ve never been diagnosed, I’m convinced I’m dislexic and maybe mild attention deficit. My son is both and I see him struggle with the same things I did when younger. I figure I made it this far in life without have a lable no need to have a doctor confirm my suspicions. :blush:


For accuracy, not clinically autistic, but yeah much higher than your prototypical engineer on the autism spectrum. What you might think of as a high functioning Aspergers. Sheldon Cooper on the Big Bang Theory is an extreme characterization (without the narcissism). I put the smiley face here :smile: just to show I’m cool with it.


I have a grandson with Aspergers, so I am very familiar with the characteristics. He is doing well now, but certainly went through his share of struggles as a young child. His dad (my son-in-law), a mechanical engineer who designs tower cranes, also has Aspergers.


Dyslexic with borderline Asperger’s. I’ve developed a number of coping mechanisms for dealing with both… as most people do. :smiley:


I appreciate the clarification. Yes I understand it is a spectrum.


Right, I’ve never been told that I am dyslexic, back in the day you didn’t tell kids that, just “you have a learning disability”. I’ve figured it out in the 45 years since. Needless to say that I love computers and spelling and grammar programs.


Both myself and my son have ADHD. We cope (ish)!
:grinning: (don’t you find this smiley a little manic?)




Never worried about it or tried to cope. Was actually quite beneficial to my chosen field. Without getting into all the engineering disciplines, the one that probably best describes my career is as a Test and Evaluation (T&E) engineer. The desire to figure out what works and what doesn’t is much stronger than my desire to create. Life is a puzzle waiting to be solved. On the other hand would never succeed as a supervisor or a marketing person. You have to be able to read people.


LOL, yes the chosen smiley is a little manic.


And that is why I chose “non-neurotypical” as my word choice, not trying to be PC just see several of these as evolutionary tradeoffs. My dyslexia has locked me out of anything that resembles a writer, but I think very visually which is a big help in most things technical.


I’m European


I like this. I too enjoy this aspect of production, but have never had someone put it into words. Never really put much thought into that before.


Crap! I looked.


I have OCD & ADD. Everything has to be perfect but not for long😜

I think I really do have OCD though, all my dvd, blu Rays or cd’s need to be oriented the correct way in case…eek.


OCD = Orderly Compact Discs?




I have been a member of the DNA all my life thats the national dyslexia association.


Back in my day left handedness was seen as a problem to be corrected.
I flunked the first grade because I refused to comply.
I got it back when I skipped the 9th.

Reading about a study of creative people, the most accurate description I have read of my affliction was; "instead of an individual, they are a plethora." - but that’s OK. They know me here. :no_mouth:

“Squirrel!” - best laugh of the day @ian, thanks for that.