Obtaining Good Materials

Does anyone have some good priced places/sites for materials? I’m frustrated because this site is always sold out. I prefer using acrylics and woods, and preferably masked already. Thanks for any feedback

It depends what you are looking for. I use Home Depot.

I prefer acrylic and wood. Do they have masked sheets there?

Not that I know of but you can buy masking on amazon.

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If you use the search function and type in “[material] source” you’ll find lots of suggestions and links from past discussions. :slight_smile:


I recently bought some acrylic pre-masked here, have not tried them yet though. https://www.ceruleantides.com/lasersupplies

I know there lots of pre-mased woods and acrylics sold on etsy as well.


Try Trotec as well. They sell all kinds of laser material.

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Welcome to the forum.

There are dozens of sources listed in the forum for all sorts of materials if you utilize the search function.

To get you started, Trotec, Tap Plastics, Johnson Plastics Plus, Estreet Plastics, Smokey Hill Deisgns, Ocooch Hardwoods, Colorado Heirloom, Inventables.

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Welcome. Depending on where you live, many towns have a local plastics company. I buy lots of premasked acrylic from Regal Plastics, if you buy acrylic with a plastic film rather than paper masking I advise to replace the film with paper. Once the laser hits it, it is a total pain to remove completely.

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I currently use https://www.uscutter.com/TransferRite-Medium-Tack-582U
They are curently out of stock on the 12" but it works on acrylic to wood and everything in between.

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I keep a roll each of 3, 6 and 12 inch at all times. Just picked up a solid rubber brayer from Hobby Lobby to apply… much better results than the bondo applicator squeegee.

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