OCD Tube Cleaning

@Xabbess, I thought of you on this one. I can’t stand that I have ickyness on the ends and bottom of the laser tube. I remember from my really early days in the fast food industry that coffee filters clean really well and are lint free. I have been using them to clean everything except the lenses, which I clean with Zeiss wipes. For the rest I use a mild vinegar/water mix (glass, case) and Zeiss liquid sprayed onto the filter, then wiped onto the tube. Just couldn’t get the bottom and sides of the tube well. So I took a coffee filter, put a strip of packing tape on it, going past it a little bit. Then I turned it back over, folded the tape tabs onto themselves for “handles”. I even bent one of the tabs a bit to have a curve. I sprayed the filter/tape contraption with the Zeiss cleaner, threaded it under the tube, pulled it out the other side and voila!

I did not take pictures of the “build”, but here is the end result. Caution: Be Gentle!!! You don’t want any of the paper coming off and getting stuck. I made multiples of these and did not soak the filter, but did wet it. It WILL eventually let loose of the tape so again, don’t get crazy, do a swipe or two and then change out for another strip. I might even back tape some dry Zeiss wipes since they dry out so quickly, and then re-wet with Zeiss liquid when ready to use. 20180130_105308


Freaking brilliant! I use the same spray but I was using a pipe cleaner to get underneath it, and it’s too small to do much good.

I’m going to break out some coffee filters. (I use the same spray mix - great for cutting the buildup.) :squeeee:


This is great! Thank you! I don’t have any Zeiss liquid, but I do have a spray bottle of vinegar and water. I will sure give this idea a try. I know one thing…at least for me…no matter what cleaning agent I’m using, I have to scrub really hard on the underside of the glass lid to really get that resin off. But, once I finally did, for some weird reason it’s stayed cleaner, for longer. I like your idea of reusing the Zeiss wipes, again. Good re-use, but also a bonus resource for cleaning. I don’t have any coffee filters, as I use a Jura coffee station, but maybe those dried wipes could be used with that tape idea. I think I will order some of the liquid.


Zeiss Liquid? Is it this product:



No, vinegar and water. Hell of a lot cheaper, just as effective, if not more so. :wink:


That’s what I use as well – I was in my normal state: confusion.


I use that (Zeiss liquid) to wipe the tube, mainly because I have it already for my eye glasses. I use the vinegar/water on everything else and probably as soon as my bottle is empty I will refill it with vinegar/water.

Recommended ratio for vinegar/water mix, please ?

Sweet idea!! Now we just need to come up with a wonderfully fancy idea for cleaning the exhaust!!!

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I use a mixture of 90% isopropyl alcohol & water (50/50) with a drop of dishwashing soap (like Dawn). It smells better than the vinegar solutions and it dries in seconds with no residue.


I used to work in my college’s costuming department and we cleaned costumes with the same mixture between performances, when there wasn’t time to actually wash them. Apparently they used to just spray them with Vodka in the olden days.*

*Uh, don’t spray Vodka on your glowforge, probably. Or your clothes.


I bet you’re fun at parties. :roll_eyes: