Octagonal horn

A horn I made using leftover sections of another group of instruments I was working on.


A serpent, egad :slight_smile:
I used to be very interested in the possibilities of hammer dulcimers.
Got to the point where I was building a pair of Arduino controlled arms to play a completely new design, think solid sound board with built in pre-amp.
Will post photo when I can find it.


Cool! Is that the one your kitty is checking out in your icon? :relaxed:


Jules, you have amazing eyesight. It never occurred to me to look closely at people’s icons.
Must have a browse, and see what other gems are there.


Oh, they’re not that good…if you click on the icon (actually it’s an avatar, not an icon, but icon is a lot easier to type) it gets bigger and easier to see. :grin:


Both correct. (My brain hates trying to understand the evolution of words.) Avatar is a type of icon. In the early days was called picon for personal icon. But unless someone want to be considered old and obsolete avatar is the current normal. Until it isn’t.

Don’t get me started on the word “Meme”.:no_mouth:


Actually, I’d love to hear your take on it…I think it’s a ridiculous word…me me.

(Was never crazy about “zeitgeist” either.)


I think it is a pretty good word that actually illustrates in its development well what it describes. Even though I am not a big fan of most neologisms, meme is pretty well thought out and given that Dawkins wrote the Selfish Gene in the 70s, fairly prophetic of the potentcy of the spread of an idea at the speed of the interent. If it hadn’t been coined before, a word would have had to be made.

If you are like me, resistance to the word is more than likely a resistance to the phenomenon of memes on the internet rather than the word itself. It’s resistance to the power of group think or fads. We may not like the energy and pervasiveness of a meme, but we can’t deny the amazing reality of cultural appropriation and spread of any one particular idea or image that finds resonance among so many.


In western thought and drama, the word persona comes fairly close to what avatar is. Both have origins in drama and religion. I’ve thought about this a lot because of Christian theology about a triune God, three persons (prosopon). The origin is in the characters and the masks the actors wore in the ancient Greek dramas. In the Eastern tradition understanding the different appearances of a deity in different forms or guises is pretty interesting.

All of it is trying to deal with THE fundamental question of being: the one and the many. How can being be one in essence and yet manifest in different forms? If God is one, how can there exist other than God?

Online forums, and cosplay, are really great demonstrations of the variety that self displays in the world and the ultimate illusion of a unified self. That we can allow for being different persona in different situations among different people is really a healthy balance to the straightjacket of role that we are forced to play by occupation and family.

Bringing this back to the octoganal horn: I thought of shofar braying the presence of the divine.


Bingo. I abhor “group-think”.

People seem to have lost the ability to think critically for themselves. (It’s too easy to believe it’s true because you heard it on the TV, or saw it on the internet, or your friends told you so.)

Got to follow that herd. ( sigh!)

And yes, it’s inevitable. :disappointed:


I still love you guys, but that was a record…(and yes I’ve done this repeatedly on this forum too).

@gernreich does that actually work? How does the shape effect sound, or is that an after thought? Also what were your other instruments you were aiming for?


Yup :grin:


A stacked wooden ram’s horn! That’s an idea! I did not say shofar as I do not wish to offend :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have several more to show while I wait for my GF :grin:


That’s fantastic! :relaxed:

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I am perpetually amazed at the breath of hobbies out there(unless this is your day job, which makes this cooler). I didn’t think that would sound like anything, but great range!

So the interior is square or did you bore it round?

Have you thought about using a spline on your joints? @makesomething used them recently in a video for his picture frame, but there are 100 videos on YouTube with that technique and jigs for it. Makes a really strong joint, though it may not necessarily help with the first glue up. I guess you could glue in sections.

Sorry to rant, it’s just a really fun looking piece. And I sadly want to make something like that now…


A hobby yep :slightly_smiling_face: The bore is square. It did break on me a few times so in the end I did wooden plates covering the joints.

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