October 26th will be Glowforge Pro Day!


I received my tracking number, and it’s scheduled to be delivered on the 25th. Sadly, I’ll be flying back from Illinois, so I’m holding it at the distribution center until the 26th… The 26th suddenly seems like a really great day to take off of work!


Great! My Universe doesn’t usually line up that well.


Just for sanity of mind, when did you place your order?


September 26th, 2015, order was placed. I wonder what life will be like without the Glowforge wait in the background of my head…


Ugh. That doesn’t make me feel better, AT ALL. I ordered on the 28th. Not sure what these guys are doing, but they need to get their “stuff” in gear.


Oh man, you are so close to getting your forge! FWIW, several of use called in sick with the Glowflu when ours arrived. :slight_smile:


So happy for you!! Congrats :grin:

Life will never be the same, but then again, you’ll wonder how you ever did it sans a laser…lol


Looks like I’m going to be getting that GlowFlu next Friday! Just got my email that it’s ACTUALLY SHIPPED!! WOOWOO!


Congrats I received my e-mail with tracking info at 347 this morning and will be expecting it Friday the 27th just in time for the weekend. But I’ll still need to make sure I complete a commission job I got for 7 armour stands too.


::Cough cough cough:: ::Pew pew pew:: definitely coming down with some Glowflu…