Octopus - Ceramic Plate

Finally picked up my Glowforge south of the border This past Sunday, It took us about 20 minutes to unload and reconfigure the car while the inside lights were on and a laptop plugged into the lighter plug. We drained the battery and wound up being stucked there at the mail service place for 3 hours in the middle of nowhere at night I will never forget my Glowforge pick up hahaha.

:slight_smile: The one cool thing about the month delay on the basic is that I read so much that the 3rd print I made I had removed the crumb tray and had so many ideas of material to try. I don’t think I saw anyone do plates but I figured after all the ceramic tiles that I would give it a go. I was mindblown!!

The file is from an open source svg



is that plate the finished products? It kinda looks like glaze on dryware.

Welcome! Nice plate.

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Beautiful!!! Welcome to the community!

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Ignore the picture - The plate is fantastic.

Welcome to the forum! That plate is beautiful…you’re giving me ideas!

FYI - posting of settings are restricted to the Beyond the Manual section - so you can either move the entire post to BtM (which I wouldn’t recommend) or create a post there with your settings and link to this one (which I would recommend)


I bought the plate like that at the store and just engraved on top of it. I am not sure about the specific but the look made me think of ceramic hence why I thought to try it. What you find in the clearance section of a kitchen ware store are the best finds :smiley:

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