Oculus Hanger

I got tired of my Oculus controllers cluttering up surfaces or having to hunt them down so I decided to solve that problem today with lasers.

Made from proofgrade medium maple plywood and glued together. Attached it to the wall with 3M Command strips so no holes needed.


This is amazing! My husband and I have been trying to figure out a solution for our Oculus too. This may be it!

Great job! I like those practical designs.

Wow. What a great idea!

We’ve got two Rifts w/ Touch Controllers now (so we can play multiplayer within the family). One set of gear sits in our entertainment center. The other is sitting on top of a bin. No matter what, they just don’t look organized. Your solution is so elegant! You’ve inspired me!

Excellent practical cut.

Solving problems with lasers! Awesome!

Ah thats great. Probably need to make one myself.

Do you play Rec Room?

Rec Room is awesome. I can’t believe it’s free. Also AltSpaceVR is great social fun. Playing Cards Against Humanity with folks from around the world is really a blast.

I need an Oculus so I can make one of these.


Now that is some solid logic. :slight_smile:


I’m a very logical person. :wink:


It’s a bit addicting.
About a year ago I got a GearVR.
A couple months later I got a 2nd GearVR for my Wife’s phone.
Then we got a Rift for Christmas.
And now we’ve gotten a 2nd Rift.

At this point each of us in the home can be in the same or a different virtual world. :slight_smile:

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My younger son has a VR system. I was hooked the first time he put it on me. Unfortunately, we live on opposite coasts, so I don’t get to play with it very often!


If you haven’t seen it, check out Black Mirror Season 3, episode 4, “San Junipero”. It’s on Netflix.

Really good episode. As with most things, I recommend going in as blind as possible, spoilers are the worst for stuff like this, but you do you.

Small warning, Black Mirror is generally not suitable for kids. Adult themes abound.

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It’s on my list. Been on my list for a couple years now. I really must get to it.

Yeah it’s good, that episode in particular is relevant to this thread.

Do you have a file to share?

I have an Oculus too, and this looks great! Would you mind sharing the file for this?

It’s actually against forum rules to ask for files with the assumption that the OP will share the files freely if they wish. You can typically ask if files are available for purchase, though.

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OK - That’s good to know. Thank you!

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