Odd new sizing situation F360 and Shaper

Hi all,

I just noticed something really odd. I had a design in F360 super complex(not) a 2x4" square.
I extruded the sketch. did the shaper utility, the new one. and BOOM… the size was 2x too big. Is there some new scaling thing that is super secret? that I haven’t heard about? never had this happen before with the previous versions.

Figured I'd be clever and look at the svg file in a text editor.

For some reason Fusion was working in cm, even though I had typed units in as inches. gonna look at that and report back. LOL


Turns out for some reason. the Shaper utility is changing the units.

I theoretically found a fix. I copied the svg after opening in Inkscape, to another document that was created from my glowbed template. presto units are happy. at least at the first glance.

I haven’t done anything complex. just a simple rectangle.


You may have entered everything in inches but if your document is in centimeters everything will think in centimeters
Go up to your outline on the left and make sure that you are in inches.


I did, default preferences for a design are inches.

seems that the shaper utility has a mind of it’s own. At first I thought it might have been because I had opened the svg in inkscape before sending to the app. but turned out upon export to svg it was in cm’s directly. FROM a verified inches design. really odd, never did this before. wondering what I might have changed and not realize it.


At this point I’d contact Shaper support even if you don’t own an Orign as it is in everyone’s interest to get this sorted out.


Good point!

I will do that tomorrow.


I did send them an email. haven’t heard anything back


Hey Gang, I heard back from Shaper people…

basically it is something to do with how fusion handles SVG’s dunno how that is gonna get resolved.

might have to write a python program to read in the file and convert the units.back or something.


I know it’s a hundred times more work, but I’ve switched to using Fusion 360 CAM. There’s actually a machine preset for Glowforge now.


Hmmm… I use the educational license have to see if that is available. However, as an interesting side note. After hearing back from them, and then trying to repeat it. I have completely been unable to make that happen again. I did just have a light bulb go off. and I might be because my desktop from where I do the BEAMER driving has an older version of Inkscape. I was so sleep deprived working on the prototype for the wifey, I might have been using the desktop instead of the laptop to do the final color edit. I will have to check that out tomorrow. becuase I could not repeat that strangeness off the laptop today.

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I was mistaken, the Glowforge post-processor has been there for years. I completely missed it, and back when Colorific came out, I assumed that was written from scratch (it’s actually a fork of the one already built-in to F360, and now it’s a bit out of date).

I set out to make a tutorial for how to use it, but I ran into a bug and ended up spending my evening troubleshooting it and writing up a bug report.


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