Odd night of lasering

Hey folks.

Had a weird day of lasering . Had someone find us and need a bunch of Hebrew letters fast(Jews find Jews , even when you don’t try, it’s a thing…). So I ran out and bought a sheet of 1/8" Baltic birch, and may of ended up with a continuous customer.

Then after filling the order I had to start doing things for the wife. Well really for us… She sign us up for a Christmas show. So now. 1/8 Baltic 3 dollar ornaments. I’ve been trace functioning a scroll saw book. Trace was that “least excited for” feature, now might turn out to save my butt.

Also the pass through is nice again, as I’m a very lazy man and it saves me from cross cutting my sheet.

Multiculturalism for the win.


They turned out great! (Wow, where did the year go…already time for holiday prep.)


Heh… I have a file that’s just a horizontal line. I use my pass through mostly for cutting 20”x24” pieces in half.


From one Red Sea Pedestrian to @jordanloshinsky and all the other :glowforge: Red Sea Pedestrians:
Gmar Hatimah Tovah!! May you and your loved ones be sealed into the Book of Life! Have an easy and meaningful fast.

:star_of_david: :honey_pot: :apple: :star_of_david:


Oh, I like that! I have been using the pass through the same way @jordanloshinsky has but using it to cross cut the sheet could speed up certain cuts/engraves when I want to use the grain a certain way. I’m gong to try that.

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Yeah. I just got a grand worth of PG and forgot to order orange acrylic. By the time I’d get it if I order it now, it’ll be too late for Halloween stuff - everyone will be thinking of Christmas :grinning:


Hate when I do that…worse is realizing you’re 5$ shy of free shipping right after you hit the submit button on an order. :roll_eyes:


Same to you! I some how always forget about yum Kippur, it’s not like it isn’t a week right after EVERY YEAR!

Now to get ready to eat outside… That is honestly one of those holidays that makes sense in a mid-global range to create, and not a northern climate change. I think it pisses me off more then the fastening cuz your cold and maybe rained on as you eat, as opposed to just hungry. And eating in a parka sucks.


I did that too. Ordered $600 of stuff and the next day realized I forgot 5 sheets of thick ply (IIRC). So ordered that. Which is exactly $100 so no free shipping. Didn’t notice, just hit submit. Then I realized one more sheet would have only been an effective $11 instead of $20 due to the shipping. :slightly_smiling_face: