Odd problem?

So - I imported an image into inkscape, put a cut line around it. Then I used CTRL+D to duplicate it 5 more times. Lined them all up in a row.
When I import into the GFUI, it wants me to set the engrave settings separately for each one? Is that right? Is there a way to NOT have that happen?

That’s right. Individual raster images are treated as individual operations. You can combine all of the rasters into one big raster in Inkscape, but then you lose the option to place them individually. (There are tutorials that show how to do it…I expect @wenning08 is about to link one.) :wink:


I just made one for illustrator a couple mins ago I posted, you would just have to do the same process for inkscape with its tools: How to engrave multiple images at once... how engraves work and faster times

Then I stopped replying here cuz I saw @jules typing and thought she was going to link it lol.


If you import one of the images into the GFUI, set the engrave settings and then copy and duplicate them within the GFUI do the settings need to be set for each identical image?


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Not sure, but I think that will allow all of them to use the same settings. Hang on…

Yes, it does let them use the same settings.

Thanks. Actually found that just after I posted! Awesome. Going to load up inkscape right now. FYI in Inkscape its on the EDIT menu, “make bitmap copy”. I guess I need to check in preferences what my bitmap export settings are.

I have found that if you import the Svg file into Gimp you get the same effect, set your scale per pixel, and have all the vectors be paths. I only wish there were a way to have the paths be vectors.

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