Odds & Ends Box


Having the use of a glowforge for the past few months, the shop surfaces have accumulated a quantity of cut-outs from wood and acrylic that I want to save (pack rat) and I needed to organize that mess. (be warned, you will too)
I did that fire inlay a while back and have had it in the back of my mind since. Looking for inspiration, I found it.
The forced retirement (three level spine fusion) is the closest thing I have experienced to a mid-life crisis, and I have been searching for a new direction since (7 years!). So it occurred to me the laser has me focused and learning… a new beginning. There is a legend for that - The Phoenix. New rising from the ashes of the old.

The veneer I used on the flame and the bird have beautiful ‘figure’ to them, and the logo cut out is waiting for some of that signature teal acrylic. :sunglasses:


Simply gorgeous! Love that flame veneer! (Want another pic when you get the acrylic.) :grinning:


I like a lot of stuff here but I love the symbolism of this so much. Congrats on the focus.


Thanks man,the direction has been ‘healing’ for me in a big way. As far as the symbolism, “Art is the expression of spirit by means of matter.” The image pretty well sums up my feelings.

@Jules, Long story, but I drew that flame out as practice/guide for a ghost flame job on the hood of my Mustang. It only made it as far as this inlay…:smirk:


Lovely and funtional!
And I appreciate your staging it on the Glowforge to get the pretty reflection. :wink:


All outta :heart:, That’s how much of a photographer I am, I hadn’t noticed the reflection till you mentioned it. :no_mouth::roll_eyes:


Great story and great box. I have to make some decisions about my offcuts. It’s ridiculous at the moment. Can’t bear to throw anything away.

The inspiration and motivation that the Glowforge provides is remarkable. And we are all just beginning!


I’m so glad you found the Glowforge to fuel your inspiration! The box is awesome! Being partial to teal … can’t wait to see it added.

The scraps? We don’t have our unit yet, but, it has me slightly scared where the scraps are concerned. I’m a long time sewer … I save all the scraps. I took up papercrafting and cardmaking … and save every scrap. So, wood, acrylic, etc … yes, we will need to add on to this house!


Lovely box and symbolism. So glad you’ve found renewal and focus with the Glowforge! You’re going to do (more) great things!


This community and the friends I have made here have smoothed the way. Thank you all for teaching and encouraging me, and making me a part of this place. :sunglasses:


Pizza oven fodder! :smile:


Love the story (not the part about you having surgery or forced retirement, but being inspired and new beginnings) and the inlay is simply stunning! Thanks for sharing!


I’m actually kind of scared about this. As you and @PrintToLaser have mentioned, I am a pack rat. And this will only get worse when I have a Glowforge that can make cool stuff out of previously too-small-to-use-for-anything-else materials.


Thank you! :sunglasses:
I should have elaborated a bit on that inlay. I bought an assorted pack of 40 pieces of veneer that a forum member posted a link to. All pretty nice, and some great ones, $40.

Doing a default dark engrave on :proofgrade: medium maple, I measured the depth right at .019, and the veneer came to .020, perfect to cut flush to the maple.
Using an old wallpaper seam roller I saved (pack ratting does pay off sometimes) to push the veneer into the glue painted engrave worked like a dream.
The hardest part was keeping the order of the flame pieces so I didn’t have to puzzle out each piece by its facing and geometry. Transfer tape is my friend and Ally.

The fit is very tight, which surprised me as I didn’t worry about kerf compensation… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


So, very tight fit in a good way?


Yes! So tight that if I had compensated at all it would have been too big… I know, I can’t explain it, but I couldn’t be happier with the result.
Inspires me to do more with the veneer!

The rebirth theme is also fitting for the odds & ends, some that will find a use in future work.


I find there is something very fulfilling about making things, and especially making something useful or pretty out of scrap. It is very satisfying.

Good to know the veneer works so well like this…I like the idea of inlay in a lot of things. It just takes it up to that next level.


Perfect description of the derived satisfaction. :wink:


Great box and Phoenix design. Full steam with your new dream!


Incredible leftover inspiration!