Odds of this engraving on tile

So I got back into doing tangle art after a few years hiatus, and what I’m wondering is if something like this could be engraved on a tile with any amount of success?

I would create a design without the shading but I’m worried that it still might be too much.


It would look awesome. :blush:


Here are some I just did for a friend, with some fine detail areas:

(I already gave her a Slytherin crest a couple of years ago. Now she wants the complete set.)


I bet it would look amazing. Looks like you are out of the Inspiration Doldrums!

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Oh wow, those are awesome!

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And they’re not from high quality images. Yours will be way better!

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My best guess is awesome. My biggest concern would be very thin lines not showing up strongly enough, A good start might be a test tile of just a series of lines so you know what the effect of each case is.

I have also seen a big difference between sources of tile that a big 6" tile did not come out near as well as the test on the 4" tile.

Oh boy I sure hope so - that was scary! This has been so much fun rediscovering this type of art. I’m already getting ideas for more jewelry pieces using smaller bits from the art.

YAY! good to hear


I think it would be great, and I sure hope you do it ans share the result here.

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I did above pictured drawing with an ultra fine tipped pen. I’m working on one right now with a thicker tip and the lines are coming out much better.

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So I finished another one and thought, what the heck - let’s engrave this on acrylic! Must’ve been outta my fool mind.


I dunno, it looks rather nice.

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These look great! How do you engrave on tiles and get color? Could you explain that process please or do you know of a good tutorial about it?


Colored markers. This was a test I did just to see how it might work. Used a sharpie on the engraved part and alcohol markers on the rest of it.


or even acrylic paints… pretty much anything you want. :slight_smile:


Looks great! Best when doing clear acrylic to flip the image over and engrave the back. Do not think of the time it takes compared to cutting, rather compare the time needed to 3D printing.

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Yeah I forgot to flip the image before I hit the ye ol’ print button.


Like others have said, pretty much any kind of marker/paint. The laser cracks the finish where it hits, and the paint gets trapped there but wipes off everywhere else. My favorite currently is oil markers – I have a set of Uni Posca oil markers in both regular and fine tips, and absolutely love them. They’re a little harder to get off than alcohol markers, but I have good luck with fine sandpaper. (It matters what kind, though – what I have doesn’t scratch the tiles, but other kinds do, so try yours out first.)

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This is how I got started with the Glowforge, (the sharpies) and it’s an awesome rabbit hole to be sure but wait til you start with dual layer paint :upside_down_face: