Odor Control Solution For Lasered Items



I found a solution to a problem I was having, that people may be interested in. I have a whole pile of cardstock cat stickers that I cut out using the Glowforge, and was in the process of coloring them in when I had to stop. The strong odor of burned paper was making my eyes water and giving me a headache.

So I remembered a small appliance we bought a while ago for mold odor remediation, but never used: a small ozonator. We never worked up the nerve to run it in the house due to all the dire warnings about it that we read in various places, but it’s perfect for this application.

I just put it in the bottom of an empty kitty litter bin (we have lots of those!), put a small grate on top, dumped the cut paper cats on top, set the timer, and put the whole thing outside & plugged it in. After 40 minutes I checked it and there was no smoke odor at all. Problem solved!

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Get rid of smell and smoke

Genius! I had pulled out an ionizing fan that we had to help with clearing the room after I had to open the lid, but the residue on the project would still cause some stink until I got that masking off.

This saves you having to do it immediately.

Major points! :smiley::+1:


Not too pricey, either:


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Definitely not for indoors!

Ozone: Good Up High, Bad Nearby




Yeah, this particular application is the only one I’ll ever use the unit for, and only outdoors. And I didn’t close the lid of the container more than halfway, to avoid overheating.


That’s just what those “s-lyin’-tists” at the EPA want us to believe.


I think you can read my mind lol j/k


This is nice. I’m honestly not sure how much the kitty litter is doing vis a vis odor removal, beyond your other measures, tho. If you or someone else wanted to try something indoors, you could probably replace the kitty litter with the activated charcoal you can buy for aquaria and a fan for the ozonator.


I think the litter bin was empty and just offered a convenient enclosure?


Correct! Serves me for reading fast!


Although…kitty litter might actually work too…lol


O3 is awesome for killing ordors