Off the deep end

One of my prints came really close to the edge of the material and it got me wondering - what happens if the head travels off the end of the work piece and starts lasing the floor of the Glowforge? Should I kill the power if that happens? If I don’t kill power, will the beam reflect back up and generate a miniature black hole that engulfs the house? I saw Ghostbusters and know bad things happen if you cross the beams, but just how bad is it in a Glowforge context?


There is no issue.


Everyplace the laser can hit is metal, and it can’t cut metal so you’re good - it can (and will) cut into your honeycomb pins, your support material, and anything else you’ve left in there “out of the way”, but not the laser itself.

Now if you introduced a 2nd laser beam, then you might summon Zuul, but that takes some major engineering.


You only have to worry about that with the pro. The basic and plus don’t have enough power to turn space time in on itself.


Sadly. that was omitted from the feature comparison and I unknowingly bought a Pro. I’m goning to have to be verrrrry careful because I can’t imagine how I’d explain that to a claims adjuster.


“I tried dividing by 0.”?

(That is a real place in CA though)


And I always thought it was Carp, CA yano like Waco, TX?

I know there is the Great Divide

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This is awesome… thank you for the laugh :upside_down_face:


Total protonic reversal.

There was a TV show called “Dream On” and this is show pretty much sums up how my brain works.

Dream On (TV Series 1990–1996) - IMDb


Funny you should mention “Dividing by zero.” Several years ago, I was listening to Dan talk about how Glowforge came to be - can’t remember if it was live at an event he was speaking at or on a webcast. He had purchased a commercial laser that took up space in his garage, and was using it to build high-end versions of his Robot Turtles game. Programming it was SO difficult, he said, and one of the the problems he ran into was an error where there was a divide by zero error.

Partially from that experience, he said he wondered if there would be a market for an affordable and easy to use Laser tool for the home. When they did their market research, they found that there wasn’t ONE “market” - there were five distinct groups of peple / markets!

So you can kind of say that luckily, Dan divided by zero, and as a result, we have Glowforge!

I may have gotten some of the details wrong, but I’m pretty sure the general gist of the story is spot on.


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