Off Topic -- But because this seems to be how we roll here



Not quite sure I want to watch this… is it official? I can’t seem to find anything on IMDB or about a trailer yet.


This is fan made. :slight_smile:


Very slick though :slight_smile:


Ok. Well done. Have you seen the Darth Maul fan film? It’s amazing!




Have you seen Star Wars Rebels? It may on the surface be a kid’s show but it is real Star Wars. Really action packed with great storylines. It also has some good cameos from characters who appear in the movies.


I’ve been working my way through Clone Wars. Once I finish that then I’ll tackle Rebels.


I find Rebels much more interesting than Clone Wars. That did seem like a proper kids show.

Rebels is a great intro to Rogue One - even sharing some of the same characters.


Cool. I look forward to it. There are certain aspects of Clone Wars that I don’t like, that are too “kiddie”, but overall I’m enjoying it.


Wow that was well done. I also think it is on topic due to the laser cannons on the ships.

Edit: I’ll take it further and say that I believe this is one of the reasons the Glowforge head is removable. It’s so you can mount it to your spaceship if you so choose.


OK – now I’ve got to get to work building the ship! :grinning:





I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks people building bug out vehicles with 4 wheels don’t really get it. The only way to truly bug out is via spaceship.


Not enough likes for this one!


I love the way you guys think! :smile: