Off-Topic - FedEx Small Business Grant


I have entered the FedEx Small Business Grant to compete for a 25,000.00 grant. My plan is to use the money to expand my 3D printing business to also offer small run injection molding at a lower entry price. If you can spare a minute to check out the contest and if you think my entry is worth voting for, I need all the votes I can get. If you would like to share it, please feel free!

They ask for an email to verify one vote per 24 hours per person.

Thank you!


Done. Good luck!!!


Done. Let me know if you start. I may have some low volume IM needs on the cheap.


Good luck!


Done, best of luck!!


Thanks! I will let you know. I plan to make it happen somehow, I just don’t know exactly when it will be.


Myself as well. Hope you get it so I’ll have someone to turn to for im.


Ditto! Good Luck!


Done! Good luck!


Done!! Best of luck!


Done. Hope it works for you :slight_smile:


Done :white_check_mark:.
Where are you located? I have a “small” injection machine I was thinking of unloading. Haven’t used it in 25 years:-). Think it does maybe 4oz. Also have a pallet of pellets that should be ok if you dry them.


Done too, good luck, think I was 56. :relaxed:


done. good luck!


What’s something like that cost I’m always curious


Vote cast! Good luck!


Think I was 25, so we are making a difference.


My wife and I were 61 and 62 so it’s going well. Looks like you can vote daily.


I have no idea! I will have to dig it out of storage and get the specs on it. I’m guessing around a grand??


The system I am looking at has a lot of automation, so the molding machine runs between 8K and 12K depending on features. The milling machine to make the molds will run about 8K.