Off Topic: Seattle* needs more Bears

*Right next to Seattle, not in Seattle.

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How cool! I’m so happy to hear that this is a possibility.

We went to Northwest Trek last weekend. They had a grizzly that lived there for 26 years, but he just passed away. His empty exhibit prompted a lot of conversation with the families and kids around us.

Also, did not know that the Oatmeal guy was from the PNW!


I’m all for bears. The black bears are coming back in Missouri.


I live right next to Seattle, in the foothills of those North Cascades, and we already have bears! (Black bears, though, not grizzlies). I’m all for more bears!

Video from right after we moved into our house 3-4 years ago:

They’re still around, as evidenced by their scat :bear: :poop:


I’ve seen black bear up in Concrete, and also out toward Monroe. Also heard that one was spotted just a mile or two from us here in the south sound.


Thanks for this link!
I just posted my comment.


We’ve had bears here in the Chicago area for quite a while, but the past few years most of us residents don’t like to acknowledge them. Baby bears (Cubs) are a different matter.


While I love not bringing a bear canister in the Cascades (just had to lug one to the Olympics this weekend) bringing Grizzlies back seems like it could definitely help our ecosystem!


I’m headed out there this Wednesday from Florida, rented a cabin in the mountains near a very touristy town.

We can’t wait! We will be in Seattle proper next Monday, doing the touristy stuff.


Yes…Like reducing the number of hikers! :laughing: - Rich


Leave no trace… or else!



Like wolves, it is wonderful that the bears come back to their original native habitats.


I am all for bears. Sadly the last bear in Germany was shot in 1835. So my best chance to meet one is in Norway. But the wolves already returned. Maybe there is hope.


I read there are a few living in Bavaria. I remember one caused a bit of a ruckus the other year.

My parent’s summer home is in an area with a very health black bear population. Bears are very quiet in the forest and don’t really wander out of it much. In 30 years I’ve seen less than six by the road and one while bird hunting. It’s a very accidental thing to run into them unless you’re baiting them with food (I consider poor garbage storage to be baiting.)

They live in my woods and come out to see if we’re serving something tasty for dinner.

Like Corgi or cat :grinning:


Yeah – used to have about 18 acres in the foothills of the Cascades in Lane County – the coyotes stopped coming around because of my dogs but the black bears and the bobcat didn’t care about that – so our cats got in the habit of running with the dogs :slight_smile:

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Oooohh jeez. I call dibs on all the glowforges of all those who will get turned into bear poop.


To my knowledge sadly not. Maybe you are referring to “Bruno”? He made some headlines back in 2006. Sadly he was shot because he killed some sheeps and goats, and wasn’t afraid of humans. He was a visitor from Italy after he crossed Austria. There are studies that propose that maybe 250 bears could live in the german alps, but as far es i know there are currently no plans to reintroduce bears in Germany.

Maybe i should pick up my glowforge myself and look for some bears :-).

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There were no plans to reintroduce wolves into Wisconsin. No one invited the wolves to the planning meetings. Now we have about a thousand.