Off Topic: Wonderful twitter stream of 3D joinery animations



For example:


There are some VERY sophisticated looking joints in that feed.

Interesting Joining techniques

wow! This isexcellent, I have seen many diagrams here for joints but this let me understand how they will work


Couple of useful ones in there too, that we can laser easily…very nice!


If they are true Japanese carpentry joints then they require no glue, screws, or nails. I just recently watched a biography of a Japanese master carpenter who moved to the states. It was fascinating. I will put the link on here when I get home if you are interested.

Ok I decided to edit it now lol


Yeah, I’d like to see it. :slight_smile:


Isn’t that example missing at least one hole?


That is a still from an animation, and I think the missing hole is on the “back right” in this isometric projection.


They are lovely.

Though I don’t think you could do any of them on a GF… :frowning:

Or, I should say, not from one block, you could build a number of them as layers.


Love this documentary. Also Love the twitter feed that you shared @jkopel :smiley:


I lived for 10 years in Japan.
The two main Buildings on the ground (the Hondo and Sanmon) were made like this. There are literally no nails used and the entire building slotted together like a kit… despite the Hondo being 4 stories high.

Other fun fact, it rested on stone slabs and was not piled into the ground at all - this gave it protection against Earthquakes. The heavy ceramic tiles on the roof and the long extending slope of the roof protected it against Taifuns and also spread the weight


Gorgeous wood work isn’t it? :slight_smile:


I had never though of a structure sitting on the surface as being safer in quakes, makes perfect sense.

Engineering that resulted from living in a major quake zone.
The best Inca stone work with massive boulders randomly keyed into each other are another example.
The stones are said to “dance” in the powerful quakes there.
These cultures evolved with this instability.
Chile (Chi-lay) has an 7.5 quake and a few roof tiles fall, and a few cracks in the walls.
Haiti experiences a 5 and the island is flattened.