Office Conference Room Signs

My office decided to name their conference rooms after the different neighborhoods here in Minneapolis.

With the amazing design efforts of my wife, we crafted these up with the map of each of the burrows engraved into the wood.


Really gorgeous designs! :grinning::+1:

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I like the acrylic inlay. Very Cool Design.

Really slick looking. Did you fill the names with epoxy?

The bank I work for is all through the state of Mississippi and in a new building we just built…we did the same thing for a bunch of the different conference rooms. They were named after all of the different communities we represent, but we don’t have signs this cool at all.

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The letters are actually just cut out so when hung on the glass it shows up a little better.


It was the reflection showing through the cutouts that was fooling me. Made it look like you had done an inset with a dark acrylic. Dones take much to make a fool out of me sometimes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Excellent job on the design.

Oh wow, such unique signs! Very very nice.

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What a fun way to name conference rooms … And the signs look great!

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Love the map theme

The signs look awesome against the glass windows. What a unique design!

Many moons ago, I regularly visited a certain entertainment company that pretty much dominated the box office with their animated films. It seemed like every meeting I had was in “Stinky Pete”… :slight_smile:

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