Office gifts: Name Badge reels

This is my first year for the holidays with a glowforge, so I’m really excited to make things this season. I work in a unit that requires everyone to wear name badges, but the badge clips aren’t provided so everyone has some sort of different way of clipping/displaying them. I decided this year to gift retractable badge reels to everyone. I’m making them out of draftboard, painting in acrylic and planning on coating them with a thin, clear art resin for a nice finish this weekend (not done yet!)

I tried to avoid obvious trademarked icons, even though I know I should be okay as these are gifts and I’m not selling them, I just don’t even want to go near that with a ten-foot-pole. (For anyone oblivious to college football or don’t live in the USA/midwest, this is a buckeye nut and leaf, Ohio’s state tree and “THE” university’s mascot. Go Bucks!)


I vividly remember my first Glowforge Christmas. I made dog silhouette ornaments.

You are going to have a great time creating!!


This turned out really nice. Glad you explained what it was:-)


I vividly remember my first one too. Beamer arrived Just before Thanksgiving. I was in the process of putting down 1100 sq feet of LVP, myriad doorways/transitions, 45 degree angle walls. etc. made 2 things boxed it up to move it out of the way for the flooring project.

already used Beamer a fair amount the last couple of weeks. last day of work is next thursday, I will be firing up BEAMER A bunch :slight_smile:


Nicely done!

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When I purchased the Glowforge in 2019– I had no idea it would become an addiction.

Here is a laugh. About 6 weeks ago, my brother suggested Eric and I join his family for a log cabin Christmas in the mountains. Go up on the 23rd and comeback on the 26th. My brother was paying $1500 a night for this log cabin that had everything to make your vacation beyond special.

I said something like “Thank you that is an extremely nice gift but I do not want to be away from my Glowforge.”


That’s a gift that’ll be appreciated I’m sure. How did you attach the retractable to it though?

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Thanks! Im hoping that they are liked!

As far as attaching them, I made sure to get flat faced blank badge reels, I sanded the plastic a bit with 400 grit sandpaper then used E6000 epoxy glue to adhere the cutouts. They’re not indestructible, but it’s a pretty strong bond


I love the way you colored that piece—exceptional!