Office Markup Rulers

We have a project interview at work today, so I made rulers for the interview team. We are generally doing markups on plans, so I made them into templates of the various note shapes that we tend to use. The 1/8" acrylic was too thick for a template, especially with small-ish shapes, so I went and found some thinner stuff to use.

I definitely took some inspiration from the Gift of Small Measure in that I have the corners all with different sized radii.

The acrylic that I got had a plastic sheet over the top and it just seemed to melt into the engrave when I was testing, so I did these with no protective layer. As such they built up some of the dust and then there are some remnant smudging after cleaning them. I just used dish soap to clean them. If I intend to do more of these, and something tells me I’m going to do them for the whole office… then I will need to find a better cleaning option.

I also need to figure out the best approach to photographing clear acrylic.


Ran into the same issue with plastic coatings a few months ago. Consensus was (1) peel off the plastic first, (2) remask if desired with paper-based masking/frisking, and (3) if it’s too late for 1 and 2, try cleaning the pieces with WD-40 or Goo-Gone.

I haven’t tried #3, so you might want to test that on a small piece. :wink:


‘Magic Eraser’ has been recommended for acrylic cleaning.


As far as photographing the acrylic, use a black background like a sheet or poster board.
For cleaning, dish soap and a toothbrush is a safe bet.


all i needed to read to know you worked for an architect (or someone who teams with architects) was to read that first sentence. working on an interview for tomorrow morning right now myself. :slight_smile:


Close… the arch-nemesis of the architect actually… civil engineer :grin:. Specifically I am a traffic engineer.


oh, we deal with your type sometimes… :slight_smile:

we even have our own, but that’s because we’re a massive A/E firm. that’s really little a big E.

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Fantastic rulers–they make perfect templates.

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Nice job. How about posting the PDF file so we can all have them.

Forum rules and @dan have specifically asked that we do not request files.
If the designer wishes to share them, they will, in the Free Laser Designs category


You can always use Lucents from Rowmark

They cut and etch beautifully. They are not completely clear though…

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Need someone to blame for the slow traffic during rush hour? Guess who engineered that! :stuck_out_tongue: