Oga's Cantina Sign

My daughter brought home some coasters, but I wanted to see how it worked upsized.


Wow, super nice job on that!

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Good job of duplication. How big was final piece?

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Very nice. Great job.

Wow! Is that painted? The red kinda looks like inlays in the photo, in which case I bow to your overachievingness!

Final piece was maxed out at 11"… COULD’VE been 20" if only I’d had the extra cash for a pro…


Not painted, colored in with a sharpie. So is the (etched) “Food - Beverages - Music” farther in, but by then my orange sharpie had started running dry and the reddish color I selected turned WAY darker on the plywood (ALWAYS test for color on a scrap before coloring a final product!) The etching DID stop the sharpie ink from running past the lines, though. So there IS that.


Awesome, I would never have guessed Sharpie on this one!

I am amazed that the sharpies didn’t bleed. They look great.

That looks great?

The sharpies TRIED to bleed, but stopped at the score lines. (It actually made the smaller details easier to fill in! Just held the sharpie near the edge for a second and it filed itself…)