Ogres are like onions



One of the things I’m interested in playing with when my Glowforge arrives are things like these layered artwork pieces. Granted, I’m not the most artistic, but it’s fun to try. Can’t wait to try. Especially like the idea of lighting pieces different ways to accentuate the depth. I think using the low power and paper for designs like this could be cool too. Saw some of that a while back, need to look again :smile:


Those look awesome. Layered 3d engraved panoramas!


Now with the lower power for paper, making some layered scenes will be pretty cool.


I love this kind of stuff. I have a few projects like that on my Pintrest idea board.


Upon seeing the topic title I was worried someone had used low power settings to engrave Shrek on an onion skin.

Cool use of layers.


I made this one for our district art show with my silhouette. I used my Sketchbook Pro on my iPad, but tracing paper would work just as well. Just start at the front and work your way back.

“Mutually Assured Destruction”


Very cool . I’ve been thinking about shadow boxes too as a series of works.


Give @Jules or @henryhbk a few minutes…lol


LOL, That was a really subtle challenge thrown out there for those two :slight_smile:


Ooooh. Not sure I have onion… Will check.

Can tall thin ogres be like scallions?


Yup. And a tall, thin, snarky ogre that can rhyme well on a beat…


Giving that a :heart: because there isn’t a groan button :slight_smile:



(note flattening an onion skin is super hard. Removing blue tape from an onion skin is even harder). Not sure what was up with that spot near the O, as it wasn’t even lasing there, when it suddenly glowed and went away…


I knew you wouldnt disappoint!!! I can just imagine @dan and crew back at :glowforge: headquarters shaking their heads… That @henryhbk again with the food in our PRU…lol


My daughter and I literally laughed out loud at that!:joy:


I somehow expect getting an email from @dan or @rita saying, normally we would be taking back our PRU to exchange for your forever unit, but in this case, can you please simply dispose of the PRU, we don’t think we want that one back…


Lmao… Label as hazardous goods…[quote=“henryhbk, post:16, topic:8895”]
please simply dispose of the PRU,

:joy: :rofl:


Can confirm, did happen


At least he did not laser a whole onion and have it leek all over the crumb tray. :smirk_cat:


OMG! Absolutely awesome!