Oh Darling, Let's Be Adventurers


There are lots of these out on the interwebs, but this one is mine. I picked up one of those basswood stump slices from Michael’s and thought it’d make a good piece of wall art around the house.

A little smoke around the edges where the blue painter’s tape peeled up during engraving, but overall pretty happy with it.


Super nice!


I’m glad you got it to work (don’t forget to weed that “B”)! I remember you were having issues but don’t remember what the resolution was.


The B is weeded…my blue painters tape curled on me in some spots, so that’s just smoke.

I’m not quite sure what the resolution was either. May have been putting something dark down to cover the floor of the GF. Or could have just been a fluke.


Nice! I’ve been really wanting to work with with the slices like this, but I just haven’t ordered any yet…today is payday so guess I have something to (waste) spend my money on!


Rubbing on it with a rag wet with isopropyl alcohol will remove that smoke in short order.