Oh, Irony, you terrible thing

Just wanted to wish the GF community an extended happy holiday weekend. I’ve been eagerly reading all the cool thanksgiving project posts everyone is offering, as well as some of the sad delivery/malfunction issues blocking a few of you from participating. And of course ongoing sympathy and good wishes to those still waiting on The Email or Delivery.

As I posted at the time, UrForge (I might well actually call it that…) arrived in visibly pretty good shape Monday morning, and I left the setup and first cut to wait until the end of the work day.

Never happened. Developed a cold, and went DOWN. Was only quasi-human for Tue and Wed and then slept right through Thanksgiving. Still not great today.

I’ve developed a little ritual. Every few hours I climb to my feet, stumble to the kitchen to start water for tea, stumble out to the garage/shop to look at UrForge just sitting there, stumble back, drink tea, collapse.

Yes, I waited 2 years for the delivery, and four days later I still haven’t even plugged it in. SIGH.

For all that I still feel really lucky it arrived in visibly pretty good shape, so as soon as the crud leaves my system I should be ready to go.

So thanks again to everyone posting your projects and successes; they are giving me a lift. Hope to return the favor very soon.


Rest up and get well. Once you start forging you won’t want to sleep.


My last two nights have not seen much sleep for me.
I was up till 4AM Wed night forging, and 2:30 AM last night. I’ll have some time to play with it today too. I did some cool stuff last night after figuring out a few ways to make it work better.


OMG, just reading that made me tired. :joy:

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Oh noes! Hope you get back to 100% ASAP and can attack with vigor. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Sorry you don’t feel well. We know you must be really bad off if all you can manage is an occasional peek at your long awaited glowforge!
Get well. There is a real treat waiting for you!


I was on Left coast time when I got in, and slept a bit on the plane. It does make the mornings harder though.

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