Oh Yeah....Here's a bunch of Christmas Gifts (wall art, first Christmas ornaments, and leather coasters)

I was away for several months right after New Years so I completely forgot to share some projects that I made as Christmas gifts on (you guessed it) the Glowforge!

I did some mountain wall art- I had previously done two of these that are each 5+ feet long using chipboard cut on a Cricut that I was layering and then adding texture and painting and that was a nightmare. This time I did some mini versions with some of the proofgrade wood I had on hand and then mounted with pegs on a stained board. I think these were each about 15" long total.

Then I also did some etched leather coasters with custom art- Denver city skyline and mountains and a ski lift set. I make leather goods for my brand Stitch & Shutter so I’m using the Forge all the time for this application but I was excited to do some custom projects that were mixing it up a bit more.

And THEN there were some first Christmas ornaments for my nieces with proofgrade wood and acrylic. Love 'em!

And last but not least (also, sorry for all the terrible photos…shot quick in garbage light before wrapping and shipping), there was a layered tree shadowbox piece. Two layers of painted draftboard with a custom frame in between for depth.


Oh, I do like that chipboard technique. Very nice effect! :grinning:

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Bunch of very cool projects! The texture in that mountain piece is amazing.

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I like the Christmas ornaments!

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I really like your negative space approach to the jumping buck ornaments!

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Nice Christmas stuff!!! Especially like your mountains.

I like your design aesthetic, very pleasing results!