Oil based wood conditioner

Hi everyone,

I think I made a huge mistake. I wanted to use a wood conditioner before I stained some Birch. It smelled horrible. I looked closer at the can and couldn’t tell if it was oil based or water based. I looked it up on the HomeDepot site and found that the one I purchased is oil based. The water based is clearly marked (now I can see that).

Is this wood ruined? The thought of putting oil based wood in the Glowforge sounds like a big DO NOT DO IT.


Get a copy of the MSDS from the manufacturers site and check for the burning hazards and what gases are produced.


oil based woods are not a good idea in my opinion, and you stained it recently so I wouldn’t trust the dry time and may think FIRE, maybe cut something out and paste on the wood so it’s not a total waste.

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