OK, can we send the thing in to get cleaned?

I am loving the replacement that the GF crew sent, the alignment is amazing and it fixed all the issues I had… Except it could have been cleaner. I am not saying I have not used it but on my old one I had wiped down the tube each time before cuts so that it didn’t get the unpleasing brown lines under the brackets. The one I received already had them pretty bad due to being a refurb unit (witch I am fine with refurb). I cleaned one and am still not satisfied with it, I have had it out of commission due to re arranging and was bout to put it back until I remembered this, I have it out on display so it gets looked at a lot and I want it to look perfect and I just cant get it the way I require without removing the brackets, witch I will not be doing any time soon cause I believe alignment would be ruined and idk if we are even allowed to. I would have loved for it to just have been a new system to start but am not gonna ask for that because I love this in every other way that the dirtiness it had, I am really just hopping to find if I can get it cleaned?

sorta on the same note, can the crumb tray be rebuilt withouh an issue with height, or should I buy a new one? the one I have I got paper between platic and tray and looks un appealing to the eye so I would like to fix this too, this was mine already tho.

As far as I know, the crumb tray can be disassembled fairly easily as members here have done so, but it is at your own risk. If you search, you can find how to guides on others methods of cleaning theirs, but that doesn’t mean your taking apart and reassembling will be perfect. Maybe some canned air or gadget goo (used for cleaning keyboards etc.) could work better if you’re concerned about everything being misaligned afterwards.

As for the tube, I’m not a part of the team, nor have I read about other members removing this part, but I know that at some point our tubes will be needing replacement, and what I have read pointed towards the replacement being a friendly and easy process, as it would be easier for us to eventually order a tube rather than sending our whole machine in.

I’m currently waiting for either my machine to be fixed or to be sent a refurbished one, and I’m curious what others have gotten when it comes to this matter. I’d agree that the machines should be cleaned to a certain degree, I mean, I couldn’t imagine being sent a refurbished laptop with hair and dirt under the keys. That’s not to say that there wouldn’t be signs of use, though, especially in something that does such a fine job at destroying material.

I’d imagine that it’s posts like these that get looked at and help improve quality control, especially if this was not supposed to be the case. Hopefully someone comes along to further assist with your concerns, since I only gave some basic info.


I will say that other than it being kinda dusty (a bit under exaggerating here), it is wonderful, no cracks or any signs of ware other than a black mark that came right off (may not even have been from previous owner). It fixed all issues I had but as I have it on display I would have at least wanted it to have been cleaned first, mainly the tube cause it is the part that everyone watches as the laser fires.


You can get it quite clean…


I’m very sorry for the delayed response. Can you share any photos of the areas you haven’t been able to clean?

actually, I spent a couple hours the other day and got a highly recommended glass cleaner and I think it pretty good now. still work farther time to time, but I dont believe that it is going to be something that wont come off. Thanks tho


I’m glad to hear things worked out! If you have any other questions, feel free to open a new thread.