Ok now what?

I used my standard lamp design but as it needed engraving and only the Oak and baltic plywood do a decent job in engraving I did it in Oak but forgot that the oak is a bit thicker so the fingers were not long enough and the square that was supposed to be engraved got cut instead.

The last was serendipity as I glued it back with an offset I really like, but I am still thinking about the corners and what to do I could try wood filler or sanding the corners thinner or perhaps someone has a better third alternative.


Not my work, but sanding down / rounding over the corners on a box joint can look really nice.


Make narrow corner pieces in a contrasting wood and glue them over the existing ones?


I’d just leave it like that…it has character. :wink:

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Ooooo, that’s gorgeous! I’d be afraid to mess with it, myself.

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Maybe copper angle, if you can find it small enough.


I would probably be inclined to leave it as is.

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I have copper and would love to do these in 4oz soft copper, but of course not for lasers. Does anyone have the Cricut heavy duty and try it on 4oz copper. I would buy one immediately if it could cut that.

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