Okay guys I need help with photos

I have been reading a lot of yalls posts and a lot of them are good but i still cant get it right. I’m using Photoshop and im still learning on it. What i need is a very detailed and in depth video. If any of you have one or know of one then PLEASE sent it my way!

Here is a pic i am trying to engrave.


That looks like a good candidate photo with lots of natural contrast

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Here is a video I put together if it helps you out:


Well thanks :slight_smile:

@jessicakhunt1004 Here’s a quick run through on the default portrait mode edit, with a slight boost to the cyan and blue channels to bring out more reflection details in the sunglasses.

jessica.pdf (2.8 MB)


Awesome thank you! Im about to test it out now!

This worked perfectly! @dklgood, I have seen this before and used it but found another one and tried it but i like how this turned out soooo much better! Will be using this more in the future!

@wenning08, I like the edits, didn’t turn out great in this photo but i will be using it in the future. Maybe a more in detail video on photos with people would have helped me some more. Thanks! All of you guys are fantastic!

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