Old proofgrade engrave settings

Does anybody know the setting before the last update? I like the proofgrade engraving settings better before they changed them this last time. I want to be able to use them on projects, and I can’t quite figure out the same effect. These new setting are engraving much deeper than before and I’m not sure how I feel about them. I’ve been meaning to ask for a while. I never saved them. I’m hoping someone did.

Please come and rescue my burnt projects.

(I did a forum search before I started this post, I found nothing)

(Edit - ok, they aren’t that bad, but I’m still hoping someone has them :slight_smile:)


I think I feel the same way. I thought they were good were they were. Then they went and slowed them all to a crawl and I can’t see why.

Here’s what I wrote down (because I liked the old ones too):

Dark Graphic
500 speed
61 power
450 LPI

HD Graphic
300 speed
16 power
450 LPI


But what material are they from?

Ha, good question! At the time I wrote them down I was doing a bunch of resin experiments (engraving out “bezels”), and I am pretty sure those would have been for PG Med Maple Ply.


Thanks @reliablepants! That helps!

Does anyone else happen to have any? Actually, I’m sure staff members probably know them all…anyone care to share them? I’m hoping to find the previous draftboard settings as well.

@Tom_A, I forgot about how fast the previous settings were too…they are MUCH slower now. I’ve been messing around with the new settings, trying to get close to the old ones, but I can’t quite seem to find the right combo on my own.

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The “old” numbers were:
Maple Ply:
Graphic - 500 speed, 41 power, 450 LPI
Dark Graphic - 500 speed, 61 power, 450 LPI

Graphic - 700 speed, 52 power, 450 LPI
Dark Graphic - 700 speed, 61 power, 450 LPI


You would think GF might release the settings as a list for us…

You’d probably be wrong, but you might think that.