Old school design tool - isometric grid paper!



Just FYI, it can be really easy to create your own isometric graph paper in illustrator, and if you have access to a decent laser printer, you can make your lines lots, set to a light shade of gray, and they print off rather well.


Or just download one of these PDFs:


There’s even an online generator (of course there is!):




This is actually what i use…that stuff is so expensive to buy when you just need a sheet or two. (Glad you posted the link…I haven’t had time to go searching for it today.)


It looks like your battery life is proportional with the size of the wine glass/bottle


I didn’t notice the dirty sock in the design sketch… :thinking:




Had to print a couple and try them out. Thanks for sharing.


I hadn’t thought of using Isometric Grid Paper. That is Awesome. I am definitely going to get me some of that right now! Thanks so much for sharing this. I really love your designs @Maiman :grinning:


Thank you!