OLED Display - Crypto Tracker

I made a larger enclosure for this project. It uses the same hardware as this previous one.

Making it larger gives it more weight and makes it much more stable. I had to turn it around, I can’t bear looking at it right now.


You jinxed it with your “too the moon” overly-optimistic engraving. If instead you’d engraved a picture of the Titanic sitting on the ocean floor, your crypto would be going up in value right now.



I just started hobby mining. I have an older 1080 ti but it makes a profit so I’m slowly learning the ropes lol


You just need to add some solar power and it’s free money!


Yeah for sure, just need to pay off the panels cost then. Still learning for sure. Just testing the waters lol.

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That’s just cruel! But funny :joy::rofl:

A camera photo can’t catch the animation very well. Here is a video of it in action.


The video won’t play for me - any chance of posting it to YouTube or Vimeo etc. and linking here?

I know it is kinda wonky. I had to convert it to .mp4 using VLC. It does eventually play at the end. Is just scrolls across the bottom. I just wanted to show that the area below was not empty.

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Ah, I see now - it’s just a green square until 14 seconds in :slight_smile:

It took us 4 years here in MA (and on the one hand we have some of the highest electricity rates in the nation (so that makes recouping faster) and we have aggressive solar policies that make it quicker to recoup. But the flip is 1/2 the year we have poor sun. Although I do generate a reasonable amount in the winter. To date we’re approaching a total of 60MWh. As I am switching my 15 year old car to an EV (haha, if the chips ever get made so they can make the car, but I can look at a rendering of my order on the website for now) that will flow right into my “tank”

One of the more interesting benefits we found for summer is not only does it greatly lower your Air Conditioning bills the panels act as a giant sun shade for the house and drop the temp by around 2 degrees all on their own.


Very cool. I’m in Ohio, it’s pretty cloudy here so idk how long it’d take.

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